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R.I.P (i will remember you ❤)

“There is no hell, only a sense of sleep if one has been depressed or very cut off from hope and faith in physical life. One wakes up when one is ready. Love is unconditional… the only judge is yourself. The love people on the other side feel, however, is so fulfilling and healing, that one easily lets go of self recrimination.”

It takes about 6 months our time for people to gain strength and understanding to come back threw and clearly communicate.
Most people are met on the otherside by a guide of sorts . This guide could be a relative or just a stronger spirit to help the newly deceased to find their way.
Those that have passed like to be remembered. This can be achieved threw a picture or a prized possession in special place in the home of their family or a place they enjoyed.
Spirits go where they are needed most not where they are wanted most.
Displaced spirits don’t always know they are displaced.
When people first crossover they tend to be very confused, sometimes scared,and usually in a “foggy” place waiting for their “guide”.
People that have passed cannot always hear what you are saying to them in your mind. So please address your deceased by name (or description) and say out loud what you want them to hear.

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